Thank you for visiting my Personal FitnessTrainer Blog! On this site you will find helpful information and tips about Weight Loss, Resistance Training and Nutrition. Do you want to lose weight, extra baby weight hanging around:) looking to tone up your muscles or increase your cardiovascular  fitness? I can help you reach all your fitness goals!
About Me: I have been interested in fitness and nutrition for the past 10 years. Over the years at the gym while working out, I have noticed numerous times people doing an exercise incorrectly, not having enough variety or balance in their routine or even doing the proper training that would benefit their bodies the most. It was these instances that fueled my decision to turn my passion for fitness into my career. I love teaching my clients the proper ways to exercise and share with them my knowledge so they can apply it to their new healthy lifestyle. I love helping my clients change their bodies into one that they are proud of and feel confident with.

Please check back often as we update with new information about Weight Loss, Resistance Training and Nutrition Advice. Thank you for visiting my Personal Fitness Trainer Blog!
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