Monday, April 26, 2010

Bounce Back From Diet Screw-Ups

Did you fall off the "Healthy Wagon" over the weekend? Too much junk food, alcohol and didn't workout enough? Here are some ways help bounce back from those mishaps and climb back on the "Healthy Wagon".

Marathon TV Pig-Out Remedies...
EAT BREAKFAST THE NEXT DAY. Starving yourself is a bad idea. It just slows the metabolism down. Have a high-fiber, low-glycemic breakfast like oatmeal. You'll feel full longer, making it less likely you'll overdo it at lunch.
TRIM TOMORROW'S CALORIES. Cut 500 calories from tomorrow's meals. It's easier than you think: Choose low-sugar instead of regular, vinegar and oil rather than creamy dressing, baked not fried, mustard instead of mayo, and fruit over chocolate. If your pig-out was especially bad, repeat for a few more days.

Boozing at Girls Night Out Remedies...
DRINK UP, AGAIN. Beyond all those calories you chugged, alcohol dehydrates your body, impairing aerobic capacity and endurance. Drink 64-84 ounces of water, even add squeezed lemon to help balance out your electrolytes. Eat fruits like apples, blueberries and cherries, which have a high water content. They'll help restore fluid balance and fat burning capabilities.
EAT REGULARLY. Go for grilled meat, plain nuts, Greek yogurt, or raw vegetables. Eating a little bit of food every 3-4 hours will help prevent swings in blood sugar and speed your recovery.

Lazy Business Trip Remedies...
HIT THE GYM HARD. Make up for lost ground (and pounds gained) with a week of intensified workouts. Shorten the time between sets, bust out more reps or add sets to your workout, and increase your typical cardio time by 10 minutes.
EAT CLEAN. Be hyper aware of your diet. Base your meals around fruits and vegetables, and whole grains for the next few days; stick to lean , healthy proteins; and avoid sugary, high-fat treats.

It's okay to have the occasional set-back. Just be sure to help yourself bounce back from it and don't let if happen too often. The best place to be is on the "Healthy Wagon"!

The basis for this post was adapted from the February 2010 issue of Mens Fitness Magazine.

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  1. Mary, I love your blog! It's so informative and I love the topics you choose to post about. Congrats again on becoming a personal trainer! That's awesome!


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