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Over Easter Weekend, my husband, our daughter and myself, went down to St. George, Utah for a mini vacation. On the drive home we were listening to the NPR station (National Public Radio) and all of the random topics they were discussing. In honor of Easter they had a quick discussion about EGGS. Their believed history, etc. as well as the NUTRITIONAL VALUE of an egg. Now, my husband eats a lot of eggs, about 4 or 5 a day. I've tried telling him a few times that he should start eating fewer of the yolks and add in more whites because it would be healthier. He doesn't usually take my advice and my egg advice was no exception. It wasn't until he heard the "facts" about eggs on NPR that he said, "You never put it that way! I need reasons and facts about things like this, rather than just saying that it's "healthier"'. Well alright, I suppose that type of approach may be more helpful to people when I'm trying to get a point across. So here are the "FACTS" about EGGS.

  • Eggs are a great source of protein and amino acids. Eggs can help protect eyes from disease and degeneration, improve cell function, help prevent breast cancer and promote healthy hair and nails.

  • 1 EGG YOLK has 210 mg of Cholesterol, leaving only 80 mg of cholesterol remaining for your daily recommended intake of 300 mg.
  • 1 EGG WHITE  has 0 mg of cholesterol

  • 1 EGG YOLK has 54 calories
  • 1 EGG WHITE has 16 calories

  • 1 EGG YOLK has 5 grams of fat
  • 1 EGG WHITE has 0 grams of fat

  • The YOLK does have nutritional benefit such as some, Vitamin A, Calcium  and Iron.

For complete Nutritional Facts about egg yolk, click {HERE}
For complete Nutritional Facts about egg white, click {HERE}

I highly recommend that if you do eat eggs, that you limit the amount of yolk that you eat and use more of the whites. I also recommend that you buy only ORGANIC EGGS. Organic eggs are usually healthier as a result of the treatment and well-being of the chickens. Organic eggs usually have higher levels of Vitamin B and Folic Acid and frequently have higher levels of Omega-3. Non-organic eggs also contain antibiotics that are fed to the chickens, which can lead to viruses in humans becoming resistant to antibiotics due to increased exposure.

I hope that these "FACTS" have helped you make some changes to your diet, if necessary. ThankYouVeryMuch!

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